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Maryland Aerial Video is available for both aerial video, aerial still photography and also ground photography, throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia. We've expanded. We use UAV's and UAS's. These are remote controlled, ground operated professional copters. To our way of thinking, the term drone has become a 4 letter word and we do not refer to our flying devices as such. -- For 1080P or 4K optimum viewing resolution, select a video, then near the BOTTOM RIGHT of the play screen, click on AUTO to choose the highest resolution available. Then simply click the RIGHT ARROW to play. Full screen mode is also available at BOTTOM RIGHT of video playing area.

Maryland Aerial Video Show Reel 2019

Maryland Aerial Video

Our seasoned pilots are FAA Certified, licensed and liability insured.

Why Aerial Video?

Aerial video and aerial pictures are extremely powerful visuals for websites, brochures, mailers, TV commercials, on-site presentations as well as for trade show booth display. 

Both aerial video and aerial photography provide incredible visual perspectives, not previously available. Viewing a property,  event, gathering, construction project or wedding from the air, delivers a highly unique and pleasant viewing experience.

Ground level photography provides an important, yet limited perspective. UAV Aerial views have created a completely new world of possibilities, due to their extreme flexibility and being incredibly more cost effective than hiring a full sized plane or helicopter.

For more info, please email:

MAV Main Office:  Email For Info


Aerial Video Services

As a fully insured and certified UAV filming company, we employ FAA Part 107 certified pilots, approved for closed set filming and when applicable, we handle all of your production FAA paperwork. We are committed to delivering the highest quality aerial cinematography, while safely pushing the boundaries of conventional cinematography.

We choreograph, capture and deliver, highly impressive aerial video and aerial stills for use in promotional marketing, advertising, TV commercials and often for individuals desiring highly unique social media postings.


Once your aerial video or aerial still photographs are received, post them to your website and it's important to allow them to be freely downloaded and not merely only linkable.  Remember, people relish downloading and then posting aerial visuals across their social media sites especially pictures or video depicting something they enjoy seeing and are proud to be associated with. These voluntary endorsement style "sharing/postings" serve to greatly increase awareness of your available product(s) and or services. Remember, word of mouth remains the best form of advertising. It's king.


Real Estate Listings:

Ask about our package deal, multiple property, special pricing.

Greatly enhance your property listing with stunning aerial video and aerial still photographs of not only the home but also the surrounding property and even the entire neighborhood.


Weddings & other Outdoor Events

We safely capture all the action from a highly unique perspective of your wedding, sporting event, outdoor concert, birthday party, family reunion or any other outdoor activity with HD aerial video and aerial still photography.


Over Water, In The Water & Boating

Our aerial views over water capture 4K visuals that are nothing short of eye catching. We're talking a major "wow" factor here. We're sure you've all seen aerial videos of everything from luxury liners to ships, boats, jet skis, surfing, swim races, kayaking, polar plunges, videos of boats/ships for sale and you've even seen videos of a squirrel water skiing. Let us deliver the aerial video you've envisioned having. Yes, the aerial video you've thought about having created can now become a reality.


Attractions & Golf Courses

Nothing captures the essence of your outdoor or indoor tourist destination or an exciting golf course, as when it's viewed from the air, in HD 4K Quality aerial video. Let us create your next promotional video from the sky, to highlight your locations most attractive features. Imagine having your attraction's aerial video posted on your website, for all to see. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but an aerial picture or aerial video is worth exponentially more.


Aerial Video Commercials

Our team will plan, capture, create, edit and deliver your  next  commercial in beautiful eye-catching 4K aerial video, to best ensure your brand’s advertising stands well above competitors.


Insurance Assessments or Legal

Require a survey of an area for insurance purposes or an aerial video for legal presentation? Our remote operated aerial systems are perfect for capturing and reviewing property for aerial insurance assessments and for presentations in court.


Emergency Management / Disaster Response

When disaster strikes, being able to perform search and rescue operations and quickly assess damage is critical. We are ready at a moments notice to assist with disaster recovery by providing live aerial video feeds to disaster response teams.


Live Aerial Video for Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue

We utilize the latest imaging and sensing technologies to provide live aerial video and data collection services for law enforcement and Fire Stations. Our UAV's provide an extremely close up perspective, previously unattainable with traditional aircraft. This includes providing a live aerial video feed of a building fire, to better aide in the direction of water flow.

Extended Aerial Services List

Real Estate Photography & Videography

Team Sports

Country Clubs & Golf Courses

Commercial, Residential and Industrial Inspections

Commercial Construction Progress Documenting

Radio and Utility Tower Inspections

Mapping and Surveying

Farm, Ranch Agriculture & Environmental

Cinematography & Video Production

Outdoor Festivals

Promotional Events


Schools & Universities

Search & Rescue

We are all about aerial video and aerial photography because we thoroughly enjoy each aspect of our profession. This includes speaking with people, flying the remote control copters, creating and editing video and hearing clients say "wow, the aerial pictures and video are amazing". Our breathtaking visuals are created Clearly From Above.


We've realized that aerial video and pictures, utilized for marketing, not only work, it's the better way to have the public view what you're all about. For marketing, aerial pictures and video set the scene for win-win situations time and time again. Pictures and video(s) are delivered by secure download. Should you be anywhere in Maryland, DE, DC or VA and considering aerial pictures or video for your property or event, feel free to email or call us with any questions.

For inquiries, please email:

MAV Main Office: Email For Info


If you're considering aerial pictures or an aerial video for your event, location, property, wedding or anything you envision, Maryland Aerial Video is in position to make that wish come true, as long as scheduling is available. Simply email us regarding your project and we will be in contact.

Should you know of an upcoming outdoor event, perhaps one that you or someone you know will be attending, please consider contacting the organizer and ask if they're documenting the activity with aerial pictures or aerial video. 

In response to several client inquiries, for the time being and upon request, we will continue our multiple location package deal pricing for aerial video and aerial photography.



Be aware that numerous non FAA certified, unlicensed and inexperienced individuals have purchased hobby quality or even professional quality drones and offer what they consider to be professional video services. These companies taint our industry. Maryland Aerial Video continues to make substantial investments into education, ongoing pilot training, insurance and high end professional grade Aerial Video equipment systems.

As this is still a new industry, potential clients (perhaps yourself) may be unaware of the difference, when solicited. To better protect the integrity of our industry we do our homework, dot the I's and cross the T's to maintain current knowledge of all laws, rules, regulations and everything expected from our industry both locally and nationally. Feel free to contact us with no obligation, prior to engaging any company for aerial video services and thank you for your consideration.

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